Wonderful Alpaca Fiber!

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Whether you spin, knit, weave, or just enjoy the finished fiber products,
alpaca is for you!

Alpaca fiber has very little lanolin, so unlike wool, is not "greasy".
Because of its fineness, it is not scratchy like wool.
Alpaca has long been a luxury fiber for clothing.
The fineness and crimp of the fiber make it an excellent fiber for spinning.
It is a hollow fiber - very light yet very warm.
Alpacas are bred in the United States for fine fiber quality, to increase the alpaca fiber available on the market.

We have alpaca and mohair sheared, hand washed, and carded here on our ranch. It is wonderful for spinning, felting, or blending. Raw fiber is also available. We also have processed rovings and garment quality felt. And check out our fiber kits, fiber arts supplies, and other fun items!


See our Fiber and Friends store for all of our wonderful fiber products !!


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